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City Stories.jpg

From St. Pauls Cathedral to the National Gallery, from Highgate Village via Stoke Newington Cemetery and on to Cheyne Walk, City Stories is a new and poetic vision of London brought astonishingly to life.

Whilst you play the piano at St Pancras International a man you’ve never met says: ‘You’re the sister of my soul.’

Sitting trying to work in the Starbucks beneath the Centre Point Tower a stranger offers you a book which she promises contains the answer to the riddle of life.

Walking past the Caravaggio’s in the National Gallery you see a face and you know instantly it is your lover, who died twenty years ago: your love come back to you in another body.

There is magic in this City.

Written by award winning playwright James Phillips and with original music composed by Rosabella Gregory, City Stories is a sequence of interwoven love stories and a love letter to London.

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