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Since 2015, Rosabella has been a lecturer of “Composition & Arranging” and Music Theory at the London College of Music, University of West London. Here are some student testimonials from over the years.

“Rosie has a wealth of experience in live and studio contexts which she shares so eloquently while also giving invaluable information on composition and music theory. The most important thing she offers is her such warm, positive and engaging energy, that makes learning so much more fun than most other lectures. She has also composed one of my favourite instrumental tracks of all time!”

Quantz Ramdin


“I had Rosie for Composition and Arranging, which wasn't my favourite module at all. However, Rosie's attention to detail, musical ability and her soft-spoken-nature made it very easy to attend all of her classes. Though I felt like that module was wasted on me in my first and second years, I ended up using everything I had learned in her classes to turn a 4/4 song into a 7/8 song (done exceptionally well) and I felt amazing. Transitioning out of my undergraduate, I lost a Lecturer but definitely gained a Friend; Rosie has been one of my BIGGEST supporters in life and in music and has offered me invaluable advice that I still contemplate on. It also felt comforting to see another Brown face wandering around the campus as she was and remains the only Black Lecturer I've ever

had. She is an amazing Soul and I love her!”

Yvonne Ile


“I was first introduced to Rosie in Music theory and was immediately greeted with immense amounts of enthusiasm and passion for the theory behind music, teaching and a personality that captures you instantly. Music theory had always been big challenge for me. Rosie’s energetic personality and passion helped me find my own excitement uncovering a real level of understanding for music theory.

Rosie is an asset to UWL. She caters how she teaches to the individual student and always makes herself available if extra support is needed.”
Adele Rolf


"Rosie taught me Composition and Arranging in 2019. Rosie's teaching in this module changed my future aspirations as a musician. Prior to this module I had never expected I would be able to write music for moving image or for orchestral ensembles. I am now completing a master's in composition for film and television. Without Rosie's guidance, enthusiasm and inspiring teaching I would never have taken this route or believed it would be a possibility for me.”

George Hinson


“A stand-out tutor was Rosabella Gregory. Studying "Composition and Arrangement" with her was one of the best experiences!
Rosie is an extremely talented, knowledgable and passionate professional. Her lessons were well planned and engaging. She is a teacher who cares and always tries to push a student the extra mile.

Composition and Arrangement" was one of the most essential and fundamental subjects I had whilst studying at UWL. It gave me all the necessary knowledge that every self-respected musician needs in the music world, developed my skills, as well as offered me the opportunity to demonstrate what I had learnt through the assessments.

I am extremely grateful to Rosie for putting her heart and soul into her teaching ultimately for us, her students. Without her sessions my time at UWL would not be the same.”
Iryna Gould


"Rosie made every music theory/composition class one that I was excited to attend. She approaches everything through the eyes of a musician which made the learning experience more enjoyable and understandable. I can honestly say that I never fully understood music theory until Rosie started teaching me. On top of this, she is very interactive in class and you will always see her behind a piano giving physical demonstrations of everything she is teaching".

Jordan Farrugia


“Rosie's Composition and Arranging module was by far my favourite at my time studying at LCM. Prior to the module I was unsure as to what I wanted to pursue as a musical career, but the solo creativity combined with the nerdiness of music theory that came with C&A gave me so much fulfilment to the point where It was the highlight of my week. I still to this day practice transcription on a regular basis as a result of our usual warm up exercise in the lectures, and I feel It has helped me progress so much with my listening and reading skills (I was a very poor reader). Overall, this module almost single-handedly determined my primary professional goal to become a media composer and regardless of what success that may become of it, I feel that I finished this module a much more open minded, well-rounded, and accomplished musician."

Samuel Mathew Robert Mcdonald


“I have had the pleasure to take part in Rosie’s Composition and Arranging lectures during my second year.
In terms of contents, I believe this has been one of the most useful modules of the whole year. Being able to notate music on a sheet, to transcribe and to arrange is one of the main skills that a good musician should have.

Because of it, I decided to attend Rosie’s classes during the second semester as well, even though I was technically enrolled to the other optional module: Song Writing.
Rosie has been very supportive throughout the whole process, and engaged with the class very well to keep the students focused. She made herself available at all times, and helped me massively during challenging times.

I am looking forward to work with her again, as we definitely need more young and charismatic lecturers like her. “
Erica Macchi


“During my studies at UWL, I found that Composition and Arranging lecturer Rosabella Gregory's friendly
personality created an enjoyable atmosphere in the lessons, wanting me to learn more. I clearly understood Rosabella's lessons through her incredible and fun teaching methods, in particular, for areas such as transcribing and scoring.

With Rosabella’s knowledge of Indian classical music and experience in performing alongside my inspiration Sitarist Anoushka Shankar has not only encouraged me to go further in music making but also has given me more motivation to achieve success where I am willing to meet the challenges that come my way.

Rosabella’s advice, music feedback, and amazing lessons has driven me to further compose, score, and record my own music.”
Amisha Karsan


“I had the pleasure of learning and developing my craft from Rosabella Gregory. In a short timeframe, Rosabella was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and help me turn my fragmented musical knowledge into a much more advanced and reinforced one. Her naturally approachable and empathetic personality made it so much easier for me to ask simple questions, which were always solved with articulated and considered answers. I have benefitted so much from Rosabella with her clear and concise direction, which has made so much more creative and confident when approaching composition-based situations. I cannot speak highly enough about my experience learning from Rosabella, and would recommend to absolutely anyone, regardless of knowledge or background.”

Charlie Moreton


“Rosie has been a fantastic support system throughout my studies! She is very knowledgeable on the subject of Composition and Arrangement, and her passion for the subject and teaching is evident which ensures each lesson is exciting and challenging. Rosie has always gone the extra mile by offering personal tutorials to ensure I get the most out of my studies and has always pushed me to be a better learner.”

Jude Marshall Sampath KurukulaArachchigeDon

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